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When I had a Patreon account for 2 weeks I created 6 different videos. I'd love to re-film & update this course eventually because this could be a lot better. These are the 6 videos I originally put out on Patreon.

"SIX" is a collection of 6 different tutorial videos totaling over 1 HOUR in total.

You are going to learn card tricks, and a simple coin production.

Favorite Card Transposition: No setup card trick where two cards visually change places!
Poker Trick - One Hande Shuffle: a trick where you (or spectator) gets all the aces
One Hand Top Change: is a one-handed card move that allows you to switch the top card.
Full Deck False Cut - False Pass: is a simple move that allows you imitate a cut
Double Push as a Single Card: an in-depth explanation on pushing over two cards as one.
The Coin Trick that FOOLED Me: is an incredible coin production that looks like it's one-handed and clean, it fooled me badly the first time I saw it a few years ago.

Some of the content will get updated & improved.

The origin of SIX

Additional Information

Originally, these six tutorials, these card tricks, coin tricks, and sleight of hand moves, they were offered on Patreon to a few people for a brief moment. Because I found this material, this 1 HOUR worth of content still valuable, I decided to put it up for as low as $6.


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  • 60+ mins

    Over an hour of in-depth training on how to learn and perform the moves and tricks. A little over 60 mins from six videos for a single price of $6.

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What's Included?

    1. Introduction

    1. Favourite Card Transposition

    2. Poker Trick - One Hand Shuffle

    3. POKER TRICK - Updated

    1. One Hand Top Change

    2. Full Deck False Cut - False Pass

    3. Double Push as a Single Card

    1. The Coin Trick that FOOLED Me

About this course

  • $6.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


60+ mins worth of magic - card tricks & sleights

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Andrew Scott

5 star rating

“Some ideas are worth the $6 alone. That coin trick and poker trick though, clever! 👌👌”

“Some ideas are worth the $6 alone. That coin trick and poker trick though, clever! 👌👌”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is it only $6

    These six videos included with the stream were originally created for Patreon. Later I closed off my Patreon, but still found the material taught to be valuable. Here you'll get six magic tutorials for the price of $6, that's a dollar per video!

  • Will this stream get updated?

    This stream will get updated occasionally, rarely. Some material from the stream might get updated for sure.

  • What if I have proble..

    Contact us! Contact us with a quick, brief, and clear description of what the problem is and we will try to help.